[18+] The Cure

The Cure. Lulu Chu’s marital life has taken a hit; she no longer performs her duties as a wife up to her husband’s standards. He had to lock her inside the room and find a solution for Lulu’s sudden drop in sex drive and increase in hysteria. Luckily, she’s about to get introduced to The Cure which will solve all those problems.Leana Lovings comes in with The Cure, or, as she says, “God’s gift,” which will make Lulu whole once again. It’s a big alien worm, and the sight of it in Leana’s hands makes Lulu panic. She overpowers Leana and puts the parasite inside her mouth instead. For a moment, Leana is pissed off, but then she starts feeling something; a tingle and then an arousal…soon followed by a transformation into a vessel for the alien parasite.In the meantime, Lulu is trying to escape, albeit unsuccessfully, once Leana gets to her and throws her onto the bed, transferring the parasite to Lulu, as intended from the start. Soon she transforms into a horny succubus as well, with translucent liquid streaming out of her mouth and down her chin.All healed up, Lulu grabs Leana’s head and guides it towards her pussy. She’s itching to have it licked, and the moment she’s pleased, Lulu will gladly pounce at Leana’s crotch and slurp up all of that pussy juice and translucent alien parasite liquid in a heartbeat. By the looks of it, that was just foreplay, and they’re both craving to go primal at each other.