[18+] Die Pisseuse Mandy Mystery

Die Pisseuse Mandy Mystery. The vagina, the female wetland, is the source of life! Bubbly, vibrant, magical! Water is one of the symbolic images of female sensuality! And yet a woman pissing expresses shame, dirt, degeneration or even depravity. We believe that it is time to cast aside old conventions and bring this forbidden woman’s desire out of the shadows into the light and give space to the self-feeling of getting wet, of relief, even of pleasure. Let’s take a lustful look at something completely natural – the pissing woman! Let’s live out this desire, this fetish together and completely unabashedly. From the moment when the wet labia open in the desire to relieve themselves with pleasure by pissing, from the moment when the first drop flows and the jet is given free rein, everyone is free of inhibitions and shamelessly enjoys the feeling of this forbidden pleasure . The pissing moment is the moment in which women ruthlessly surrender to their femininity. Erotic superstar Mandy Mystery is a true pisser and shamelessly lives out her passion for pissing for herself and in front of you, giving you a fascinating look at her fetish. She pisses in her panties, in her bed after a night of drinking, pees in the shower, urinates on her lover’s cock in public, splashes in the forest, does the seahorse to the urologist, relieves herself on the train platform, lets herself pee running down her legs with pleasure, groaning while taking a sauna, letting the broth flow freely while fucking and giving her piss nozzle free rein anytime and anywhere. Have fun with this urinal masterpiece!